Flight Tests


By Jim Davis

Flight Tests (New Edition) is only 60 pages. It takes each exercise of the flight test and tells you exactly what to do, what to say, and what to look out for. You will get the testing officer on your side – even before you leave the ground. Do what the book says and you will pass your flight test – first time. Jim Davis has been training and testing pilots for more than 40 years so he knows precisely what the testing officer is looking for in each exercise. It feels great to go for your test with no butterflies, because you are confident of passing easily.

The book covers:

  • Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)
  • Recreational (RPL, RAAus)
  • Private (PPL)
  • Commercial (CPL)

It’s a little book – and only 60 pages. Put your feet up and go through it in a couple of hours – then face your flight test with confidence. Keep it in your flight-bag and use it as a reminder to keep up to standard.

"Flight Tests is only 60 pages long, but is loaded with great advice and written in a relaxed manner that serves to pass on good oil without scaring the living daylights out of the student."

Steve Hitchen

Editor of Australian Flying Magazine